Somebody Else’s Nightmare
Review by Sylvia Crawford
Sonoma Index Tribune

Jazzy music charms local dogs

Meanwhile, I've been entertained lately listening to the group Somebody Else's Nightmare's new CD, "Strength and Kindness" by Joe Holiday and friends. Joe wrote all the songs, . arranged the music and produced the album. It's a jazzy, easy-listening album that provides just the Autumnal background I need to keep my thoughts from drifting too far afield.

My favorite song of the bunch is the gentle, new-age rap "The Light Will Show the Way," and, indeed, it does. Another special cut "Lonely Town" has a classic, good sound with a memorable melody.
Though invited, Sweetie and I were out of town when Joe Holiday and his friends held their CD release party at the Annex Wine Bar in Sonoma. Had we been around, we definitely would have attended. Among the performers was one of my long-ago Catholic school students. Alex Garcia has grown into a masterly musician who plays with
many local groups.

Joe Holiday is an eccentric and talented fellow whose heart is devoted to music of all kinds. What little time Joe has left from his musical pursuits, he's busy with dogs.

All kinds of dogs, beginning with his beloved lappie (that is, a Finnish lapphund), Jocko, who is slowly learning that his world revolves around Joe. But Jocko is rarely the only canine at Joe's house.

He runs a doggie BandB that is popular with many local folks. Joe's intention, as I understand, was to have his doggie daycare in Glen Ellen in Earl and Anne Warren's little snug house (which for many years after Earl's, then Anne's, deaths, was Roseann's haircutting place). Alas, something went awry and Joe didn't end up around the corner, but somewhere south of Glen Ellen.

The folks and their canine friends who avail themselves of Joe's services talk about him with glowing praise. It's pretty clear that Joe loves dogs and the affection is readily returned.
A regular on TV shows back then

Joe has an interesting history and I'll just give a few teasers here; it's best to get the whole story from him. As a kid, beginning at the tender age of 7 or so, Joe Holiday was a regular on television shows ranging from Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans Variety Show. to the famous Art Linkletter Show. He's travelled around the world, played much music along the way, and is now happily ensconced on the edge of Sonoma, not too far from Glen Ellen, the happiest little village in these parts.